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THE PAST IS NEVER DEAD is an emotional and morally complex documentary about the wrongful conviction of David Robinson and his 17-year struggle to prove his innocence. David’s freestanding claim of actual innocence is national in scope and can set U.S. legal precedent on habeas corpus and due process. His case is now before the Missouri Supreme Court.

David was arrested for murder in the fall of 2000, and with testimony from two suspect criminal informants he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. There was no evidence, DNA, or confession, and he had multiple alibis. As the years passed, the informants recanted under oath, claiming police coercion, and the true killer confessed on audiotape and then committed suicide. Yet David is still in prison. The film presents the judicial system through the lens of Sikeston, Missouri, a small southern cotton town near the Mississippi River.

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