Steve E. Turner – Producer/Director

A bean walker, farm hand, lifeguard, typesetter, bookseller, creative director, and freelance filmmaker…. Steve is currently in post-production on his first feature documentary, THE PAST IS NEVER DEAD, and in pre-production on the historical feature documentary, LITTLE RIVER. Contact: 573-450-1869 /

Steve lives in the low southern hills of Jackson, Missouri. Though he wishes he loved the coast (or any happening big city) enough to live there, he’d rather spend his down time inside a book on his country porch.

But since you’ve scrolled all the way down here … Steve has both landed, and jumped out of, a plane. He’s water-skied down the middle of the Mississippi river (not recommended), been knocked unconscious four times, and once had trouble with his air supply while scuba diving. He’s been naked in two different stage plays (recommended), can ride a bicycle 100 miles at one go, and though he’s never caused a car accident or broken a bone, he’s had a stupid number of speeding tickets. He lives with the embarrassment of never traveling in Europe, yet he’s found himself desperately lost in Mexico and Venezuela. Oh, and he’ll take an iced tea, if you please. Unsweetened.

Steve has directed TV commercials and doc work for clients such as AB/Inbev, AT&T, Maxwell House, Pella Windows, New Balance, Smithfield, STIHL, NBC, Alzheimers USA, Kraft, Build-A-Bear, among many others.